WindPole provides real-time, hub height data
for developers & operators

WindPole Ventures is the Tall Tower Data Source providing real-time, hub height standardized wind speed data from a nationwide portfolio of very tall towers. WPV addresses the challenge of wind integration and intermittency by improving the quality of data available to ISOs, wind developers and operators, resource analysts, power traders and government.

Why WindPole?

  • Comprehensive: Windpole’s coverage includes 12,000 towers in 48 states. Wind for 85% of the current and planned wind generation capacity passes through our 80-100 meter towers.

  • Compliant: long booms and standard instrumentation leads to bankable data.

  • Fast: Deliver hub height, real-time data within 90 days of order.

  • Inexpensive: Low cost alternative to erecting your own towers and maintaining equipment.

  • Easy: Pre-existing towers mean no permits required. Disclose your plans on your schedule.

Start exploring 12,000+ Hub-Height Towers on our New Map. Dive in or view the 30 second tutorial below.

Tower Proxmity

WindPole has 12,000+ tall towers over 80m high. One of them is exactly where you want to collect hub height wind resource data.

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